Our features, your benefits

Let's take a quick look at how it all works.

Feature One

SwiftPic is purposefully optimized with you in mind.

With images generally accounting for a predominant amount of data in websites and applications, we solve your biggest problem of delivering data intensive content at an unbelievable pace.

Integrated with an expansive CDN, your content follows very particular and intelligent routing that allows for quick distribution and caching. This means that your images, in all of their variations, are simultaneously being delivered all over the world, enabling you to provide superior coverage to all of your users. We swiftly direct any request for your content to our closest point of presence where your images reside. Your images are also cached in SwiftPic’s vast pipeline, meaning the next request is filled even faster.

SwiftPic prepares to make your images more readily available than they’ve ever been by virtually shortening the physical distance they travel, ultimately improving rendering speed and performance.

Feature Two

Integration made simple across a variety of development platforms.

SwiftPic boasts an extremely lightweight and flexible series of libraries to accommodate your favorite development environment, including but not limited to JavaScript, NodeJS, Python, PHP, Java and Ruby.

Suiting the needs of developers, designers, and project managers alike, SwiftPic has a way of imposing it’s purpose in the simplest way possible. A costly and time consuming process, such as a bulk resizing of a sites images, is made easy by calling SwiftPic’s resize action with new dimensions, entitling you to sit back and relax as we handle the hard work.

No matter your particular industry, everyone has something left to gain from SwiftPic’s adaptability:

  • Save money on time consuming tasks for developers.
  • Free up engineers to take on other assignments.
  • Greatly reduce your amount of images under management.
  • Decrease average image size throughout massive libraries.
  • Significantly boost the rate at which your images are served.

Feature Three

SwiftPic aims at leaving you in complete control of your artistic direction.

We provide users with a polished toolkit to carry out image enhancement, adjustment, masking, and styling.

With our suite of instrumentation as your disposal, you are left with the freedom to make artistic decisions at any stage of the development process. No need to hesitate or fear the work involved with tweaking your creative direction, with only a few code edits you’ll impact large image libraries without needing to spend the time doing the comprehensive and costly work yourself.

Feature Four

SwiftPic's abilities directly represent the practical needs regarding image alterations.

Beyond standard cropping, intelligent tools like smart crop and face detection algorithmically detect the focal point of your images, ensuring that the image will be perfectly trimmed while keeping its key components preserved.

Resizing images, whether it’s for a small gallery or thumbnails of an entire user base, is as fundamentally simple and sound of a process as you could imagine. We manage your images to fit the layout displayed on any device to make them truly responsive.

Image enhancement and stylization is made possible through calling any number of filters. The versatility of SwiftPic gives you the freedom to create your own filters or choose from ours. Adjustments to brightness, contrast, red-eye correction, blurring, or gray scale are just a few at your disposal.

Swift steps to get you started

Share your source

Specify your exisiting storage location so we can use it as a source. A public web folder, web proxy, and S3 bucket are supported.

Update your code

As necessary, update the host for your image URL string. Use our API to make alterations to images on demand by changing URL variables and values.