Simple pricing structure - you only pay for what you use

Flat monthly rate for master images and bandwidth usage

$3 per 1,000 master images accessed each month

ยข8 per GB of bandwidth used each month

  • Unlimited derivative images
  • Free to sign up and cancel anytime
  • 99.99% average service uptime & image delivery success rate
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Frequently Asked Questions

A master image is the source image SwiftPic uses to make your requested transormations and create a derivative image. Master images are housed in your specified location, under your control, and only accessed by us when necessary.
A derivative image is the altered master image that SwiftPic creates. Some examples of derivative images are thumbnails, cropped images, or grayscale versions of images. Once you make a request we fetch the master image, process it, then return the derivative image that your users see.
The image pricing includes the fetching of master images, processing of all image alterations, and return of derivative image. You can create multiple derivative images in different sizes, transformations, and formats without additional charges. For example, requesting 5 different sizes of a particular master image would only count as one master image being accessed.

The bandwidth pricing includes the delivery of derivative images to your users. For example, if your rendered image is 200 kB and you serve that image 100 times in a month you will be billed for 20,000 kB. Bandwidth is calculated and charged per gigabyte.
1,000 of your 5,000 master images are acessed by SwiftPic within a 1-month billing cycle.
You request two resized derivatives of each 1,000 master images, one at 100kB and one at 300kB. Each derivative is accessed 500 times by your users during the billing cycle.

Cost breakdown:
Master images: 1,000 master images accessed at a rate of $3/1000: $3.00
Bandwidth for large image: 300kB x 1,000 images x 500 views = 143GB at a rate of $0.08/GB: $11.44
Bandwidth for small image: 100kB x 1,000 images x 500 views = 47GB at a rate of $0.08/GB: $3.76
Total for the month: $18.20

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